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There are three house models to choose from in the Bella Vita community. Two of which are townhouses, and the other is a single-firewall duplex. You can choose from two units in the Poli one-bedroom one-bathroom townhouses - the inner and end units. The Poli inner units have a total lot area of 36 square meters and a total floor space of 22 square meters. These units are perfect for people who live alone, or for couples who do not have children. The Poli end units are a bit bigger, with lot sizes of 50 square meters and a total floor area of 23 square meters. Although 23 square meters might seem small on paper, the Poli townhouses are actually efficiently designed. You would think that 23 square meters is just big enough for a studio-type layout but the Poli actually has a separate bedroom.

There is actually more than enough space in the Poli townhouse for a small living room area (a small sofa, coffee table, and a television cabinet), and a dining area (a dinner table for two). The Poli comes with a built-in kitchen area, complete with tiled countertops and backsplashes, stainless steel sink, and modular cabinetry for storage. The bedroom has more than enough space for a double-sized bed and a clothes cabinet. The bathroom also comes already completely tiled and furnished with everything that you will need.

If you think that the Poli is too small for your needs, then the Gemelli units might be more to your liking. The Gemelli is a duplex, one-bedroom and loft house, that sits on 90 square meters of land and has a floor area of 24 square meters. Now, you might be thinking that the Gemelli is just as big as the Poli but the floor area does not include the loft, which you can use as a spare sleeping area or a home office. On the ground level, the floor plan of the Gemelli is almost identical to the Poli, albeit a bit larger. If you have children, you can convert the loft into one large bedroom or two regular sized rooms for the kids.

The great thing about the Bella Vita subdivision is that you do not need a huge housing budget at all. For less than a million pesos, you can get the Gemelli duplex house. Also, it is possible for you to get a unit at the Poli townhouse for under half a million. You are actually getting a home of your own for less than the price of a brand new sub-compact car.