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Do keep in mind that the Bella Vita subdivision is not a luxury residential area, nor does it claim to be one, so please do not expect swimming pools or large entertainment areas. With that said, it does not mean that the Bella Vita is completely devoid of amenities for the residents.

First, the entire community is enclosed by a tall concrete fence, so the residents are completely protected from intruders. The only way in and out of the compound is through the main gate, which is guarded by security personnel 24/7. In fact, there is a team of security personnel who is tasked to keep the residents safe at all times. There is at least one manning the main gate while you can find another patrolling the streets of the compound. For added measure, there are security cameras installed at the guard house that monitor everyone that goes in and out of the main gates.

The streets running through the compound are quite wide enough that large vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances can easily maneuver through them. However, there is no vehicle access for the inner Poli units. There are only walkways leading to them. However, the Poli townhouses are not that long at all, so in case of fires, the fire engines’ hoses can still reach even the innermost units easily.

There are small “pocket parks” located all over the community. These green patches of land have small playground areas where your kids can play with their friends from the neighborhood. You can also find benches where you can sit while you keep an eye on your children. Aside from the pocket parks, there is also one large Central Park in the middle of the community.

If you own a car, there are common parking areas where you can park your vehicle in instead of having it block the street. Do not worry. The security personnel does regular sweeps of the area so your car will be kept safe and sound.

There is also a planned community picnic grove that will be located on the far side of the community. This place will be perfect if you want to throw an outdoor party for your relatives and friends, and there will also be more than enough open space for the little kids to run around and play.

There really is not much left to say regarding the amenities provided by Bella Vita since there are not that many to begin with. However, do not let the scarcity of world-class amenities scare you away. The real selling point of the community is the affordable housing solutions it provides. Would the lack of a community swimming pool really change your mind about buying a house that is cheaper than a secondhand SUV? The prices of the homes themselves are good enough reasons for most people to become permanent residents of Bella Vita. Having a couple of amenities will just be icing on top of the cake.

  • Clubhouse
  • Play Equipment
  • Basketball Court
  • Tricycle Terminal
  • Guardhouse And Gate
  • Common Parking Spaces
  • Materiala Recovery Facility
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